Krufika Aifay Agifi

by Luke McGowan



released December 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Luke McGowan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Don't Know About It
shitfaced in my room again i must be thinking never closing in on a reason why im alive. pressed up hard right parietal the west wins when the proxy falls. honest thinking why i'm alive. it'll never happen the doctor says alone, itll never happen to me happen to my home. power napping right on through the second coming of the king of kings. hoping for the best but praying the dragon spreads his wings. casting out the baphomet prophet and the ugly songs he sings. you are not a goddess and i don't know a goddamned thing. i don't know about. can't speak cant sleep cant eat, cant breath cant dance cant clap cant smoke cant sing.
Track Name: Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
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Track Name: Sink
I wanna sink with you into the ocean blue i want to sink with you
i want you to burn with me. it's cold here out on the street, I wanna burn with you.i wanna waste alone until my tombs overgrown i wanna waste alone. I want you to sink with me into the deepest sea, I want you to sink with me.
Track Name: Juice
Track Name: Krufika Aifay Agifi
Krufika Aifay Agifi
Track Name: Soggy Crocket
11 am
I’m your lost beach towel on 1000 leagues of sand
I’m falling out your hands
And I can see we’ll never make it back to land
1230 pm
the baskets on the ground and the ants are marching in
The troops aren’t gonna win
The valleys gonna flood and you don’t swim

I can see the street lights
They’re the only thing keeping you real
When the bulbs break you’ll be carried away

I can see the street lights
Drowning into a darker shade
When you die we will all fade

Just you wait little girl I’m leaving soon
I leave you in the light of the newest moon
If you find your way home I’ll be damned

So walk to the corner of Butler Street
If you can bring yourself to move your feet
you’re petrified girl i’ll be your petrified man

Wade in river. Let it burn your soul
Lye and water will wash your bones
you’re a killer and I’m a victim of circumstance

So walk to the park where we first met
I bet you can’t don’t worry don’t fret
you’re petrified girl I’ll be your petrified man
Track Name: Ants
There are leaves falling down
There are leaves falling down
If you make your way back to the ground
you’ll see leaves falling down

There are ants marching high
They don’t know they’re gonna die
If you make it back from the greyest sky
You’ll see ants marching by

There’s a hole in my skull
Where I forgot my lovers call
The wind can blow all mountain’s down
but it won’t fill the hole in my skull

Theres a shadow deep in space
where i’ll find one last embrace
All will stop and pain will allievieate
At the peak of your embrace.