Ponce De Leon Vs. Yuki The Timid

by Luke McGowan



released July 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Luke McGowan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Juno, Goddess of Lust and Lazyboys
Julie's in the basement trying to find her way home
I don't care what people say I can't be alone
I'm looking for a reason to leave my bed
I don't care what people say I can raise the dead

Westerns in the paper. You can't catch me.
She can't seem to find a friend in the whole damn sea.
I will put my spurs on. I'll find my hat. If I make it to the edge of Pittsburgh I won't come back
Sailing westward out of Alaska. I'll see the cabbage patch soon
Stay back inside dear tomorrow night
I can't hardly see the moon
Track Name: Dogfood Friendpet
just say my name is all i need to stay the night awake
sillouette pirouette in the corner where I made my name
jasmine’s special in the bathroom selling candy to hopeless yellowed fangs
dental hygeine is enough for the dead to raise

city sleeps through the bombings
you wake at a needle drop
shadows pass to illuminate the cops