Going to Gondor

by Luke McGowan



released February 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Luke McGowan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Going to Gondor (Full Band)
One two three come along with me let the earth metabolize you're body and you'll dance till you're sleeping till the evening. Untouched.
Two four six Rachel's lost in a crypt. She's a supersonic stunner but can't shoot from the hip. She looks down to the townsfolk on her gown tuggin for food
Glowing and showing her stomach inflated her egos multiplying from the tip on the table. Going back to gondor I won't come empty handed I won't fall for you
543 you fell asleep on his knee. He's taking you back home to operate on his sleeve. The needle slides through the foreskin. He prays to a god he can't trust 
666 Rachel's locked in her crypt. Her cryings multiplied it resonates like a drip. The tears fall like a Friday in the alley after last call,
You can't justify the evidence of the rising tides. You can't trust anyone you wouldn't screw. But the moons will birth the waves that crush and kill and recreate. nothing becomes anew.
Track Name: Silent Nights
Sleepless silent nights laying in bed. She's not asleep. Our words are stuck in my head.
I'm so lost in my thoughts tongue tied. Tripping on letters I am crossed in mind.
I am not a warhorse beast of burdening your foes.
I am not your jester painting smiles below my nose.
If you call me jesus you can put me on the cross
I won't change. I won't save. I won't stop.
Hey hey write a letter to me wait wait till you have something better to say say say that you've rot in your bones
Crust crust you're feeling empty now bust bust you're in a cloud of your dust dust. You'll explode when you're grown.
So call me, Anita Bonita on fire
You smell like ashes and you sing like a choir.
You're leaving so soon You're gone in a blaze. Fiery woman all I can do is count the days